About Bruce

Bruce StonehouseMy motivation as an artist is driven by the desire to make the best of this life. In doing so, I create paintings which are inspired by literary, social, political and environmental sources. As well, my own valuable life experiences are important as they pertain to human dynamics.

While creating paintings, I strive to bring out a form of expression that directly communicates what I want to say. I use rich brushwork to define the features of nature, still life, architecture and people in a lavish rendering of oil or acrylic, colours, light and shadow.

‘Impasto’ technique is employed to build up paint and colour on a warm under painting creating a surface with depth, expression and energy. Coloured shadows of trees fall across the canvas as I play with the forest light: filtered, broken, irregular to bestow a kind of radiant surreality upon objects. Ideally my paintings will have an impact, not just on the viewer’s eyes, but on their entire body.

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Bruce commenced studies in art at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto. Later he continued studies at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay where he graduated in 1998 with the Degree of Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Currently, Bruce specializes in creating both oil and acrylic paintings. His works of art are based on touch and affection for the natural and physical world. Immersed in the world of art at his home and studio, Bruce works from drawings, notes, photos, memory and feelings. This location inspires him to capture the beauty of scenery that seems to wear in one’s consciousness better than any other element in life. Still life and architecture also illuminate on Bruce’s canvases destined for public
and private collections.

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